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We're not old, their way of thinking is

What if Ray never cooked his first burger?

What if Vera never designed her first dress?

What if Julia never wrote her first cookbook?

What is Ariana never published her first article?

What if everything society says about age is dead wrong?

What if we’re never too old to give it a good ‘ole college try?

What if we got out of our own heads and took a chance on ourselves?

Ponder this:

Vera Wang started at 40.

Robert Noyce founded Intel at 41.

Chip Wilson founded Lululemon at 42.

Sam Walton founded Walmart at 44.

Bob Parsons founded GoDaddy at 47.

Julia Child released her first cookbook at 50.

Leo Goodwin founded GEICO at 50.

Ray Kroc founded McDonald’s at 52.

Charles Flint founded IBM at 61.

You’re not too old.

The people who make you feel that way have an antiquated mindset.

F*ck ‘em.

Go start making your dreams a reality.

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