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The kids want to hear your podcast.

Like, really. They do.

Gen Z falls right behind millennials as the second largest podcast listening generation.

The generation born between 1997 to 2013 accounts for more than thirty-nine million people in the U.S. And a large portion of them use podcasts as a tool for finding their next favorite product or service.

According to

-61% visited a company’s or product’s website

-61% wanted the product or service

-56% gather more information about a company or product

-44% used a promotional or discount code mentioned in the podcast

-43% purchased a product of service

-42% recommended a product to a friend or family member

These stats alone beg the question: “Should we use podcasting as a vehicle for driving brand awareness this year?”

With the oldest Gen Zers only a few years away from their 30s, a savvy business owner/nonprofit executive would know to catch this generation as they’re entering their peak earning years.

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