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Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Look at this vintage picture of me (pardon the quality, it's from 1979).

At face value, we see a kid too old to be in diapers. That's a fact, I was 4-years old in this picture. Side note: My family will tell you that I used to go get them a fresh diaper when I needed a change. Ha. Jokes on them amirite!

I suppose you could call me a late bloomer and I wouldn't deny it. THE PROOF IS RIGHT HERE IN FRONT OF YOU.

But I see it differently.

I see it as a little boy making those in my world adapt to me. After all, it was George Bernard Shaw who once wrote, "The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man."

George's quote resonates because the moments that most impacted my life in a positive way, could all be viewed as unreasonable to the average person, whether it's moving back home from Sam Houston State University—and skipping the college experience—to finish school while working in radio or accepting a full-time production/imaging job in Minneapolis—when my wife and I have never lived out of state.

As you read this, I challenge you to find the unreasonable man or woman inside of you. For selfish reasons, I write this to my future self as well, in the event my inner b*tch starts to rear his ugly head:

Why have you chosen to go the reasonable route? Don't you know the dangers of complacency and going along to get along? Have you checked the clock lately and noticed that your life ticks away one second at a time, and every second you spend in an undesirable state is a second of your life wasted? Did you know that you have access to more power, resources, and information in 2022 than almost all of the most powerful kings, emperors, and presidents in the history of the world? How will you slay the giant that lives rent free in your head and chart a path so you can be the giant whose shoulders future generations will stand on?

Dare to be unreasonable, not for the sake of being unreasonable. Rather, dare to be so unreasonable, your unreasonable dreams take will take you so far, your competition, doubters, naysayers, and/or haters can't ignore you. Because you've reached the pinnacle of success in what you do. And once you reach the tippy top of that mountain, climb back down and find another mountain. Rinse, and repeat.

In their final days, nobody with a legacy worth celebrating will ever say say, "Geez, if only I binge watched twenty more series or honked at seven more drivers or argued with twenty-nine more trolls on Twitter."

So go do unreasonable things. As long as you've got a beating heart in your chest, air flowing through your lungs, and unreasonable ideas floating about your head, you've got a chance to create something worth celebrating. Even if you're a late bloomer like me, the four year old kid in diapers who ditched the soulless corporate world at forty-six to do unreasonable things.

You got this.

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