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The power of hard things

An ear changed her life.


For Dr. Angela Sturm, it’s the famous story about sitting in on a surgery and watching the doctor (who’d eventually become her mentor) build a kid’s ear using a rib. I know, crazy cool.


That surgery changed more than the kid’s life. It changed hers, too.


But as awesome as it is, plastic surgery is super hard, right? I mean, c’mon. SCIENCE—it was never my strong suit—and seeing all the things that make the average person cringe.


Sooooo...why do hard things?


During an episode of Cruz through HTX, Dr. Sturm talks about doing hard things because, as she says, “Why not?”


In a world where easy is the default setting, the mindset is refreshing.


Seriously, why not?


You can’t convince me that the desire to do hard things isn’t a superpower.


That’s because on the other side of struggle is the potential for growth. This makes me wonder: Is the struggle real, or is it merely a figment of our imaginations?


Most likely the latter. At least I think so.


One would think that in a year like 2024, when we live in a world of abundance and with crime and famine at all-time lows, it’d be easier for more of us to do hard things. Not so much.


Digital devices keep so many people anxious, full of FOMO, and angry at high school friends on Facebook and complete strangers in the YouTube comment section.


How do we fix this?


By doing hard things. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Easy for me to say as I type these words from the comfort of my home office. So don’t listen to me.


Listen Dr. Sturm.

Listen David Goggins.

Listen to Tony Robbins.


Or listen to the old, dead guys from hundreds of years ago. Those stoic bros, they're pretty wise and stuff.


Thanks for checking out this rant. And happy podcast listening.

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