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Do something about 'just' doing something

It's not right to be just.


Let me explain.


In episode one of Everything Why, Mike Martin made an excellent point about how some of us describe the things we do. Long story short, we're not just doing something. We're doing something.


That one word adds so much "second guessing ourselves-ness." It puts out negative energy.


That ain't right.


It all comes into play when we're crafting the stories we tell ourselves, which end up being the stories we tell the world. And if we don't take control of our own narrative, then the world will create a narrative for us.


And that certainly isn't just.


As you know, Speke Podcasting is a spinoff of my original business, which I launched after more than four-hundred job applications turned up nothing. The past two years have been about reclaiming control of my narrative. It'll be a perpetual work-in-progress. But so is life.


In the coming months, Speke Podcasting will launch more shows. More shows means more people taking control of their narratives, and sharing them with the world.


I've never been more excited to be a part of the podcast universe.


Thanks for reading.

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