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Why nobody listens to your podcast

Perhaps the biggest hindrance to your podcast growth is actually not that big.

It's small talk.

Seriously, cut the chatter at the beginning.

-Nobody wants to hear about the traffic this morning

-Nobody wants to listen to you gripe about your slow wifi

-Nobody wants to know you went furniture shopping last night

So instead of ranting about your 7-year old’s birthday cake being delivered forty-five minutes late, cut the banter and use the first minute to tell people what your podcast episode is about.

An all but guaranteed formula for success goes something like this:

-Cold open where you outline three to five topics your episode will cover

-Produced intro and/or theme song capped at no longer than fifteen seconds

-Jump straight into your podcast episode’s content

Time is the only nonrenewable commodity in the world and if audiences listen to us for the value proposition laid out in our show’s name and description, then we better deliver ASAP.

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