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The future of communications

Never before in history has it been easier to share our stories with the world.

Yet most of us never will. But those who do—and choose podcasting as the tool—will most likely not make it past their third episode.

You’ve heard the infamous statistic:

90% of podcasters never make it past episode three. And 90% of the remaining 10% never make it past episode twenty.

That is sad. And it doesn’t have to be this way.

Not when one starts with a clear and concise plan of attack. One that can take the entrepreneur, CEO, nonprofit founder, WHOEVER…into an elite group of podcasters. A group that persisted through the early days of few listeners. A group that resisted the urge to quit. A group that published episode after episode with little regard for their fears of failure.

This is why Speke Podcasting is launching the first online course of its kind, PodQuest: Cracking the Code to Creating a Bingeworthy Show.

At its core, PodQuest is a futuristic, cyberpunk-themed experience that draws on storytelling techniques.

As the founder, I’ll guide you along the way, helping you craft your podcast’s hero, villain, supporting cast, and plot. You’ll have the opportunity to work one-on-one and with fellow aspiring podcast hosts. And you’ll leave with the tools necessary to forge a path to podcast domination.

For a limited time, you can sample the first two modules of PodQuest for free. If you find the content helpful, then you can purchase the entire course.

No matter what you choose, Speke Podcasting is cheering for your success in your podcast journey.

But if you want a free sneak peek, tap the link below.

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