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The media landscape will never not change

Like it or not, the media landscape will continue to decentralize.

Decentralized media means the everyday business/organization doesn’t have to wait for some gatekeeper to pick them for a three minute TV hit that nobody will watch. Or a thirty second TV ad that costs way too much money that will air in the forgotten abyss of seven minute spot blocks.

Second by second, hour by hour, the potential for your brand’s power grows. But it’s up to you to harness it. Podcasting can help.

Indeed, the journey to owning one’s brand via podcasting doesn’t come without a price.

That price includes:

-Starting from zero

-Inevitable growing pains

-The desire to quit too soon

-Slow audience development

-Mucked up recordings

-Scheduling debacles

-Botched interviews

While these can shatter one’s ego, the greatest price one pays in the podcast universe is the price of inaction.

Let's chat if you have an idea for a show. I'd be happy to talk shop.

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