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A tale of two Teslas.

One morning, I went for a jog and about halfway through my four miler, a lady in a white Tesla honked at me and made a gesture I could on interpret as, “Way to go!”

It made me happy. I don’t even cheer for myself during a jog.

One afternoon, I was stuck in Houston traffic. Since I’m not a complete jacka$$, I let a little old lady in a white Tesla turn onto the street from a parking lot. She blew me a kiss.

It made me happy. My 19-year old is the only other person who blows kisses at me.

It’s no surprise that a fair share of people have opinions about Tesla founder Elon Musk. Which may or may not mean that same group of people have opinions about people who drive Teslas.

But these two random experiences, no matter how inconsequential they are in the grand scheme of things, occurred with two different people driving the same type of car—same color, too.

The first was younger, probably in her thirties.

The second was older, probably in her seventies.

The first was black.

The second was white.

The first was in my Richmond neighborhood.

The second was in River Oaks.

So what does this mean and why does it even matter?

Well, I don’t know that it matters but what if it means that the people who society judges most will:

-Cheer you on when they don’t know you

-Show you gratitude when they don’t have to

What if we applied the “you never know” mentality to all aspects of life? What if doing so made finding joy in little things…easier?

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