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The Villain

The time has come to jack into the seedy underbelly of the cyberpunk realm and confront the dark forces that plague your hero—the relentless villains whose defeat will herald your podcast's ultimate triumph over the corporate overlords.

By the time you breach the outer firewalls of this module, you'll have the intel to identify the antagonistic pain points your hero faces daily. You'll understand how these nefarious foes jeopardize their quest for truth and freedom in the gritty, neon-lit alleyways of the media wasteland.


With your podcast's villain archetypes precisely mapped, you'll be able to craft a show tailored to systematically dismantle their nefarious agendas and empower your listeners to defeat them.


1.) Who is the villain and why?

2.) Who are their accomplices?

3.) What will happen if they beat the hero?

4.) Name three advantages they have over the hero.

5.) How and why will the podcast stop the villains?

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