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Cruz through Podcast Interviews

An Interactive Workshop Designed to Make Your Podcast Interviews Unforgettable

You crafted the perfect interview pitch for your podcast’s dream guest.

You rewrote it ten times before hitting send and even though you anticipated a rejection, they accepted. But after hours of preparation, the interview was a dud. 

You fumbled all over yourself. You sounded ill-prepared. And you asked questions so boring, your dream guest said on more than one occasion, “I get asked this all the time.”

It was then that you pledged to bomb no more interviews. 

But then you bombed the next one.


The fumbling and bumbling got worse and your questions didn’t resonate. And at one point, your guest rolled their eyes at your line of questioning. 

Bad interviews can happen to good hosts. But what if there's a way you could avoid them?

My name is Freddy Cruz, radio broadcaster turned podcaster and founder of Freddy Cruz Creative Works, a media company focused on helping brands share their stories with the world through podcasting.

From NFL athletes to former Navy SEALs, I know a thing or two about interviews. Over a thousand of them, actually. 

After interviewing more than a thousand guests, I want put my experience to work for you. 

This month, I’m launching a new course designed to help podcast hosts nail their next interview.

Cruz Through Podcast Interviews is a workshop like no other. That’s because you’ll learn by doing. Six students in this digital workshop will take turns interviewing each other. After each interview, you’ll receive live feedback from peers. And me.

But it doesn’t stop there.

After each class, you’ll receive one-on-one feedback on two of your own podcast episodes.

Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran who wants to polish their skills, Cruz Through Podcast Interviews will arm you with the confidence and tools necessary to level up your episodes.

Sign up now and get access to Freddy’s archive of podcast questions from his most popular interviews. Plus, you’ll score a free download of So You Wanna be a Podcast Guest?

Class size is limited to six participants, so don’t delay! 

Sign up now to save your space and be on your way to podcast domination. 

Presented by Freddy Cruz, Founder of Freddy Cruz Creative Works.

Join podcast peers in this intimate workshop designed to improve your interview skills in an immersive and judgement free environment.

You'll experience

Your enrollment in this workshop also includes:

1.) Video of the workshop

2.) Video of your one-on-one

3.) A digital copy of So You Wanna be a Podcast Guest

4.) A digital copy of notes from some of Freddy's most popular podcast interviews, so you can study the craft of an engaging interview.

The regular rate for this class is $500. But sign up now and get in for free.

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