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I never planned for any of this

Never say never, I suppose.

In the spring of 2022, I humbled myself. And when I say “humbled myself,” I REALLY humbled myself.

I applied for a job that paid a fourth of what I made in my peak earning years during my previous career. It was for a guest booking job with a podcast company. I was convinced I’d get the job. After all, I had booked over a thousand interviews. Easy peasy, right?


Dead. Wrong.

I got the rejection email and it set me off.

I went back to their website, took a second, third, FOURTH look at their services, their clients and their rates, and in that moment of rage, it hit me. I can do all of that.

That inspired the first iteration of my business. Freddy Cruz Creative Works launched that summer. The name at that time seemed to make sense because it was what I used as a DBA while freelancing and looking for a W2.

About a year later and it was clear to me that I needed a full rebrand. Something focused. Something that reflected my overall mission to serve others, serve my community, serve the voiceless, and create something bigger than myself.

Let’s be honest, 99.999999% of people have no idea who I am. So it makes no sense to have my name in it. And “creative works” lacked creativity. So my thesis was that the name was too vague and hindered growth.

In the summer of 2023, Speke Podcasting was born. Named after my dogs Sparrow and (RIP) Zeke, the name not only reflects my vision but continues to grow in 2024.

Our client roster:

-Helps uninsured Texans.

-Shifts the conversation around death.

-Uses profits to take cancer patients sailing.

-Restores patients’ confidence through plastic surgery.

-Educates investors of all stripe on how to manage property.

At Speke Podcasting, we don’t podcast for the heck of it. We podcast with a purpose.

Bottom line?

Never say never.

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