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The Hero

Welcome, future podcast legend! Prepare to go off-grid as we embark on a perilous odyssey to uncover the hero at the core of your show— the digital protagonist destined to navigate the chaotic winds of change under your sonic guidance.

By the time you breach the outer firewalls of this module, you'll be able to unveil the hero archetype lurking within your podcast's narrative construct. You'll understand their desires, and the burning aspiration that fuels their quest for knowledge.


1.) Who is your podcast’s hero?

2.) What do they want?

3.) How will they get it?

4.) What are their biggest fears?

5.) How will they get what they want?

6.) What will they do ifthey don't get what they want?

7.) How will your podcast help them in their journey?

Up next, we craft your podcast's villain. Begin HERE.

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