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Black Speaker

Speak up for your brand.
Speke Podcasting.

Everyone has a voice. Few use it. 

Most people will go their entire lives not realizing their voices can take them to places beyond their wildest dreams.

Team up with Speke Podcasting and break the status quo.


It's never been easier for individuals, businesses, and organizations to take true ownership of their brand’s messaging.

So stop waiting for permission from media gatekeepers and trying to hack algorithms. 


SPEKE up and let the world hear your story on your terms!


"I wholeheartedly endorse the work of Freddy Cruz and his company, Speke Podcasting. Since launching our podcast Let's Talk About Your Breasts in March 2023, we have seen a measurable increase in the community's engagement across all media platforms. Plus, there has been an uptick in appointments, and a surprising benefit has been its incredible morale booster for my employees. They are learning about the organization, its history, and our mission in ways never before possible. For that benefit alone, I believe every company needs a podcast.

Our listeners continue to comment on how professional the episodes sound, and I

totally attribute that to Freddy and his production skills. His equipment rivals any

sound studio, and I've been in plenty of those, and his approach to bringing a

novice into a new communications platform has been nothing less than amazing.

He puts guests at ease, his suggestions on narratives and openings, securing new

guests, marketing and helping me build an audience are all invaluable."

Dorothy Gibbons, CEO and Co-founder of The Rose Breast Center of Excellence

and host of Let's Talk About Your Breasts.

“Freddy went above and beyond to help me create our first ever podcast. From helping me brainstorm the title and themes of my talks, to my opening and closing, Freddy made the process a walk in the park. Within a month, I was hosting and recording, Freddy produced, and our podcast was launched. I look forward to each month, meeting guests and talking about interesting information pertaining to our industry and sharing it with the world.”

Genevieve Keeney-Vazquez, President/CEO, National Museum of Funeral History

and host of the Final Curtain Never Closes.

"I would like to thank Freddy Cruz and his production crew and for a fabulous experience in both pre and post production. First, the one on one interview with Freddy was like sitting in my living room having a discussion and his questions were relevant to the conversation and not scripted. Later, I received the edited version of the pod/videocast with the right amount of time for each segment and hitting all the strong points of the interview. Thank you Freddy!"

Peter Remington, Chief Possibilities Officer,

"Freddy did an amazing job! I was nervous but as soon as we started chatting, he put me at ease and made the process really easy. The podcast came out great, as did the snippets. It’s such a great way for potential patients to get to know me and my business!" 

Dr. Angela Sturm, facial plastic surgeon.

“I met Freddy as I was exploring mini-episodes as a way to keep things interesting for my audience. I'm so happy that I got to work with Freddy in this capacity. The quality of his work, the thought and consideration and attention that he gave to all of the details made me feel like my work was in really safe and really great hands.”

Alissa Alter, host of Alter Your Life and The Myth of Motherhood.

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