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Everyone Should Write Fiction

Everyone should write fiction.

Copywriters, brand builders, web peeps, founders, solopreneurs, and CEOs alike. Every last one of you.

Crafting the shortest of short stories or a long running series with the most intricate plots can help us evolve our respective brands.

Indeed, the most successful individuals and companies are the ones who weave stories into the fiber of their product and/or service. Not the boring specifics of how the proverbial sausage is made.

This week, I've released my third standalone novel since 2019. It's one part tribute to Houston, one part Jungian shadow work. A mystery set against the backdrop of the holiday season.

Stories lie at the center of all that I do. Creating them, sharing them, and empowering people to create and share their own.

So to those who wish to someday write their first manuscript, that someday has arrived. Get to work. Somewhere on this planet, your first reader is waiting.

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