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The Rose Breast Center of Excellence to Launch Podcast with FCCW

The year was 1986...

Dorothy Gibbons and Dixie Melillo founded The Rose after discovering a need for quality breast health care for women.

Year later and tens of thousands of served, regardless of their ability to pay, they now serve over forty counties in the Lone Star State.

Their impact is so huge, former patients have launched fundraisers to pay it forward. These include Jump for the Rose and 30 for Ana.

In March, this incredible organization launches their first podcast series, Let's Talk About Your Breasts.

We spent about two months planning, recording, producing, and reviewing episodes. The end result is a podcast that will inform, enlighten, and empower the women in our lives. These stories will have you laughing, reflecting, and yes, crying.

Words cannot describe the gratitude I have for their trust in FCCW to produce their show.

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