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The Official Nonprofit of Freddy's Huge ASK Podcast

Season three of Freddy's Huge ASK Podcast premieres tomorrow (2/21) with a six-episode drop.

One of the episodes will spotlight this season's official nonprofit, Hands of Justice, which provides a host of support programs for survivors and overcomes of human trafficking.

I had the chance to get to know one of Hands of Justice's advocates, Taylor Coibion, whose mother was murdered by traffickers when he was only two-years old.

We had a powerful conversation about his struggle with the loss, as well as his own experience with trauma while in therapy.

While Taylor and his family have been rocked by his mother's death, he remains focused on keeping her memory alive by working with Becca Cary and the team at Hands of Justice.

By spotlighting this organization throughout the season, my hope is that listeners can learn of all the ways they can support survivors in their community.

To learn more about HoJ, go to

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