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I've Adopted a Nonprofit for Season Two of Freddy's Huge ASK Podcast

Years ago, when I played junior high football at Wunderlich Intermediate (Go Wildcats!) and after Coach Swanson shattered our team’s dream of playing professional football, I wanted to be a sports anchor. More specifically, I wanted to be just like the late sports anchor Bob Allen.

As time would tell, I never got into TV—radio captured my heart for more than twenty five years. And sadly, Bob passed away from cancer in 2016. But not before founding an incredible nonprofit organization with his then fiancé Megan Cardet, A Place for Peanut.

This beautiful organization is located in New Ulm, Texas, about a half hour away from Sealy. And Megan and her staff rescue horses from kill pens, where they’d otherwise be discarded like trash or used for glue or turned into meat. There’s even a story of Megan loading up a mini-horse in her SUV and bringing it back to safety.

While I never got to meet my TV hero, Megan and I met a few years back and that’s how I learned about A Place for Peanut. By the way, Peanut is an actual horse and yes, she’s still alive and horsin’ around (pun intended, sorry not sorry haha).

Over the past summer, my daughters and I got to know Megan and the animals a little better, learning their story and how they ended up at the ranch. These are harrowing tales, but Megan and company are literal angels on earth, saving them from certain torture and death. They are proof that the heroes in this world outnumber the villains.

It is for this reason that I’m choosing to adopt A Place for Peanut as the official nonprofit organization of Freddy’s Huge ASK Podcast.

Over the next few weeks, you’ll learn more about the work Megan and her team are doing, all while balancing family life and full-time jobs. You’ll hear stories of how these animals have touched the lives of cancer patients, veterans, and volunteers.

And most importantly, you’ll learn how to get involved with an organization that will change you. Something about being in the presence of these creatures lifts your soul in ways that words can’t describe. You have to experience it to believe it. Take it from a city boy, cleaning stalls has never been so fulfilling.

My hope is to shine a spotlight on a woman who, along with her late fiancé, founded an organization that makes the world a better place in more ways than one. And if I can be blunt with you for a moment, I’m also hoping to inspire as many people as possible to volunteer and/or donate whatever they can to A Place for Peanut. Every little bit counts, whether it’s $20 or an hour of your time on a Saturday.

Who knows, maybe one day, we’ll run into each other at the ranch and we can argue over who gets to clean which stall and who gets to groom which horse.

Learn more about A Place for Peanut HERE.

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