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My first year as an independent podcaster

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

About a year ago, I had no idea what 2022 had in store for me.

After making the decision to leave KRBE in mid-November 2021, I thought for sure there'd be a new job waiting for me by no later than the end of February 2022.

I thought wrong. Like, really, really, REALLY wrong.

It became increasingly clear to me (in the form of about twenty rejections) that I'd be on the sidelines for a while.

So I started a podcast. Because what the hell else would I do between rewriting writing cover letters and resumes and scouring LinkedIn for jobs???

I treated the podcast as a "real job." It didn't pay, but my name was on it (and still IS).

Freddy's Huge ASK Podcast debuted in February 2022.

It was welcomed by legions of crickets.

And that's okay. I had something to do and interesting people to interview. People who, unbeknowst to them, taught me, inspired me, coached me, and kept me company.

In May, I got sick of getting rejected. Strange how it took over fifty rejections to finally feel disappointment...mainly in myself. I mean, come on, OVER FOUR HUNDRED APPLICATIONS AND I COULDN'T FIND A JOB!!!

That's when I said, "Freddy, this might be a sign that you should hire yourself."

And I did. So I took some time off of podcasting to focus on launching my business.

In September, I launched season two of Freddy's Huge ASK Podcast. And it was once again met with legions of crickets.

Just kidding. Fewer crickets but more of an actual audience.

But the second season taught me something. It taught me the importance of putting in the work.

You see, I'm really good behind the mic. Not the best. Just really good. Listeners can decide how good, though.

In 2023, I will continue to grow because I'm in this for the long haul.

The world is filled with incredible people who achieve huge things in their lives, even in the face of huge obstacles. That's the whole point of Freddy's Huge ASK Podcast. To learn from these high achieving individuals and integrate their knowledge into our own lives.

So with that, here's a recap of season two of the show.

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