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Grab your free copy of 

So You Wanna be on a Podcast?

Marketing experts agree, podcast guesting works.


As a business owner, you’re busy staying afloat. Between managing staff and servicing existing clients, you can’t afford to spend hours on the internet looking for podcasts to host you for a thirty minute interview. And forget about drafting pitches that might end up in a podcaster’s spam folder.


Even if you did have time to rock the mic as a podcast guest, where do you start? 


With over four-hundred fifty-thousand shows in existence, searching for the right audience can be a daunting task. 


But not when you partner with Speke Podcasting.


That’s because you’ll get a customized plan for you and your business or nonprofit.


Our guesting packages include:


-A one-hour strategy session

-A customized one pager

-Guest research files

-Coaching sessions

-Pitch templates

When you partner with Speke Podcasting, you take ownership of your brand’s destiny.

-Your own your content

-You run it when you want

-You run it wherever you want

-You repurpose it however you want

Some agencies charge hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars per month for services like this. But Speke Podcasting has made it impossibly affordable for even the newest startup founder to get started!

In fact, we believe in the power of podcasting so much, we're offering you ten free short form videos to deploy across your social media feeds. 

This offer is so good, we’re limiting it to just twenty clients

Speke Podcasting, one-of-a-kind content for your one-of-a-kind business.

In the meantime, snag your free copy of So You Wanna Be On a Podcast?

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