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Leverage decades of experience into content that will elevate your brand.

We SPEKE Podcast Launching

From concept to execution, let Speke Podcasting assist you with launching your industry's next favorite podcast. It's never been easier. And more important.

* Ask about the nonprofit discount

Launch Consultation

-Avatar build

-Name, intro/outro creation

-Equipment setup

-Podcast roadmap

-Cover art creation

-Theme music selection

-Hosting setup and distribution

Launch Package
$500 per video episode
$250 per audio episode

Includes everything in the Launch Consultation, PLUS:

-Recording, editing and production

-Titles and show notes

-One short-form video or audiogram per episode

*not to exceed sixty seconds

-Press release distributed across all major networks

We SPEKE Podcast Guesting

Podcast guesting lets you reap the benefits of podcasting without hosting a podcast. 

But if you host a podcast, then landing guest spots relevant to your niche can help you grow your show and your brand. 

Ultimate Guest


-Strategy session

-Customized one pager

-40 targeted shows for pitching

-5 customized pitch templates
-One coaching session per quarter

-10 video credits

*not to exceed sixty seconds

Super Guest


-Strategy session

-Customized one pager

-20 targeted shows for pitching

-5 video credits

*not to exceed sixty seconds

We SPEKE Short Form Content

What do you do with that incredible podcast interview?

Turn it into days of social media content. Duh.

Individual Video
$95 each

10 for $795

Production includes any or all of the following:

-Podcast episode


-Motion graphics


*not to exceed sixty seconds

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