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The Food and Beverage Industry's Next Favorite Podcast



What are you waiting for?

Stop waiting on invites from gatekeepers.

Stop hoping for your social media posts to go viral.

Stop leaving your brand to the whims of the algorithmic overlords.

 Speke_cyber #3.png

Launch a podcast and reach your fans whenever you want, however you want, and wherever you want. Despite approximately two million shows in the podcast universe, only about half a million publish new episodes.

"But my friend who lives on Facebook told me there are too many podcasts!"

Glad you brought that up. Let's add some context. Right now, there are approximately:

-450 million Twitter users

-900 million LinkedIn users

-2.35 billion Instagram users

-2.96 billion Facebook users

-37 million YouTube channels

Still too many shows? Didn't think so.


Camera shy? Use audio.

Don't use social? Use transcripts for email newsletters.

Still wanna be social? Use clips from episodes and post away.

"But I don't know how to get started or what I'd even talk about!"

Never fear. Tap the link below and download a free guide to killer podcast recipes. Use them as is and go indie. Or hit me up for a one-on-one strategy session. This guide makes it easier than ever to get your show up and running!

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